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What to know before your first lesson


Where do I go?

Unless told otherwise, lessons will be held at the airfield. Please click "Where is the airfield?" in the left navigation menu to find where this is and get directions.

USHPA Membership

Every Learn2Glide student must be a member of the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA). If you are planning to come to multiple lessons and work to become certified as a Hang-1 or Hang-2 pilot, you will want to become an annual member of USHPA using this form and paying them the annual charge for a 'Pilot Membership' (Currently $99/yr). If you are only planning on coming to a single lesson just to see what it is like, I have 30-day temporary USHPA memberships available at the training hill for $10 (included in the 'Extreme Package'). If you are not sure whether or not you will be continuing your lessons, I recommend starting with a temporary membership and then getting an annual membership if you choose to do so later.


Beyond the USHPA waiver (part of the membership process), students are also required to sign a waiver for Learn2Glide as well as a waiver for the owner of the property we will be using. Both of these waivers can be found here:


Please read those ahead of time, print them, sign them, and bring them with you to your first lesson so that we can jump into the fun stuff right away! If you are not comfortable waiving the rights listed in those waivers, please let me know before scheduling your lesson and you will be refunded 100%.

Websites and Media

I invite you to join, like, follow, and subscribe to Learn2Glide on FacebookYouTube, andFlickr.

Within a couple days after your lesson, a video compilation of your flights will be posted to the YouTube page (titled by date and name) and all the best photos will be added to the Flickr page (Sorted by date), so make sure you keep an eye out for those to appear! I also occasionally post the best pictures to the Facebook page as well as add them to the website banner slideshow.

If you are uncomfortable with any of your pictures or videos being publicly visible, please email me the information and I will gladly make them private.

If you are planning on continuing your training and attempting to become certified, I recommend registering on the GlidePGH forums and subscribing to the Training and Education Subforum (Subscribe button is at the bottom) because this is where I normally communicate with my other enrolled students. Other area pilots will occasionally post in the other subforums as well.


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