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What to bring to your first lesson

Proper clothes for training

  • Close-toed running/tennis shoes. We will be running a lot, so be ready for it.
  • Long, tough pants (jeans work well) that you don't mind getting dirty and/or ripped. You will belly-land at least once, I promise, so if you don't want bleeding knees or dirty dress pants, choose wisely.
  • A non-slippery shirt. Holding the glider requires it to sit on your shoulders, so wearing slippery materials like UnderArmour makes things more difficult.


If you have a decent bike, skate, ski, or similar helmet that you know fits well and is comfortable for you, please bring it. If you do not, I will have some for you to borrow.


Please read, print, sign and bring both of the waivers with you.

USHPA Membership

If you are already a member of USHPA, please bring your identification card with you. If not, a temporary membership will be available for $10 at the hill (included with the 'Extreme Package'). For those wanting to continue training and become certified, you will be required to purchase an annual membership, but a temporary membership can be purchased if you have your first lessons before the paperwork goes through.

Grounds Fees

Use of the scooter-tow airfield requires the payment of a grounds fee, which was not originally accounted for in lesson pricing. To help offset this cost, I ask that each student bring $10 cash when participating in scooter-tow training to help offset this cost. A receipt of this payment can be sent if requested.

Other Things

  • Water. Bring a couple bottles or a hydration backpack.
  • Sunscreen. We will be in the sun for hours, so lather up, especially if you burn easily.
  • Bug spray. Sometimes the mosquitoes like to demonstrate their landing skills on students' arms.
  • Go to the bathroom before you arrive.
    • The scooter-tow field has a bathroom available if necessary, but the trees are to be used if possible.
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